Search Engine Optimisation Scottish Borders

This site ranks well for “web design Scottish Borders” because of its Domain, which is (web design Scottish Borders.) Web design is only half the job, marketing and Search Engine Optimisation is the other half!

Search engine optimisation (SEO) is all about making sure your website is ranking well in the search engines and the reason for that is because it gains lots of traffic that can be turned into sales.

The main search engines are:

But there are also smaller engines like;

To help get you ranking in these search engines you need a search engine optimisation consultant to help you.

Search engine optimisation is a marketing technique used to gain you more foot fall to your online shop. It allows you to gain traffic to your front door so you can work on gaining higher sales. It needs to pull together with your marketing strategy to ensure your company is pulling in the correct direction, not two or three different ones.

Search engine optimisation has two components; onsite and offsite.

Onsite SEO

This is the fundamentals of your website. The layout, navigation, design, word placement, content, titles, description, images, videos etc. If you get these set up correctly then you have set a solid foundation.

To gain good onsite results you also need to do research to see what people are looking for and also what your competitors are doing.

Offsite SEO

This is everything that influences the popularity of your website. So social networking, links, blogs etc. Gaining links from these different areas help boost the popularity of your website giving you the ability to push past your competitors in the search engines.

Link building is complex and if done incorrectly can have very negative impacts on your search engine rankings.

No one but the search engines themselves can control how they rank websites, all we can do is follow the guidelines, drive quality and grow popularity. Using this along with experience, should gain good results. Any SEO company that guarantees rankings is not giving you an accurate picture, it can’t be guaranteed. They can probably raise your rankings, but its not 100%.

The most important thing in online marketing is quality. The reason this has been driven so hard is that there are so many bad websites trying to trick people/search engines, that the only way to filter the good from the bad is in quality measures. Clean code, well written content, nice design, easy to follow navigation, focused pages etc. This also impacts inbound links; if you have bad websites pointing to your website then this can also impact your rankings. You cannot control who links to you but, in general, if you have a group of bad websites pointing to yours it has been done to manipulate the search results. Google takes the stance that if this is the case, and for the minority where it is not the case, you need to manually report it to them.

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