Where to Earn Extra Cash: The Basics of Buying Wholesale and Selling at Online Auction

If you’re one of the enterprising that is seeking to learn where to earn extra cash, discovering the basics of buying items at wholesale prices and reselling them at online auction may be a great opportunity for you. While overused, the term “global marketplace” truly does apply and with a little work, you could have millions of potential customers within reach of the items you are seeking to sell.

First, you must decide what products you would like to sell. I always advise that you sell an item that you personally use, like and believe in. If you like something, chances are that many other people will see value in it too. Next, do a little research to see if there is a market for that particular item or if the marketplace is flooded with sellers. It is recommended that you check both eBay and Amazon to see if the item is widely available and, very importantly, the price range at which the item is currently selling. This will be pivotal in determining if you can be competitive in the market. خرید و فروش موتر

Next, you will need to research potential wholesalers. If you search for a wholesaler on Google or any other search engine, you will find that there are many, many companies and websites that label themselves wholesalers but are truly resellers. If any company requires that you purchase a membership or charges any fees like this, it’s not truly a wholesaler and you should find another company to work with.

The best way to get results in looking for a wholesaler is to instead search for the specific item you are looking for with the word, “wholesaler” or “distributor” added on the end. For example, you would search using the term “Citizen Watch Distributor.” Be sure to click only on the actual search results, not the sponsored ads, which are companies advertising based on your search terms.

Once you have found a wholesaler or distributor that will meet your needs, check to see if there are price breaks for purchasing large quantities such as case lots. Most wholesalers will give you a bulk purchase discount. Also, don’t be afraid to ask for free shipping.

Be sure to check and see if the company is already selling on eBay and Amazon. If they are, it would be best to find another product as there is virtually no way to beat their prices and still make a profit. Be sure to take all eBay listing and final value fees as well as PayPal fees. These fees can inflate your prices more than you think, so always take the time to calculate what it will cost to sell on this particular site.

If you have found an item that is not readily available and isn’t being sold factory direct on eBay, it behooves you to seek out the MSRP. In general, if you are getting a true wholesale price, it’s approximately half that of the MSRP. Don’t automatically believe the wholesale quote of an MSRP, either. The best source is the manufacturer website.

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